Our lecturers

Starkey CA(SA) MCom

Your mentor for FinAcc 1B (FAC1601), FinAcc 2A (FAC2601), FinAcc 3A (FAC3701), FinAcc 3B (FAC3702)

Richard is the founder and CEO of Tabaldi Online Accounting Classroom and is incredibly passionate about helping future accountants get their UNISA qualifications.

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Yvonne Starkey (Venter) CA(SA)

Your mentor for FinAcc 1A (FAC1502), Audit 2A (AUE2601), Audit 2B (AUE2602), Audit 3A (AUE3701), Audit 3B (AUE3702),
CTA Audit Lv1 (AUE4861), CTA Audit Lv2 (AUE4862)

Yvonne is a director of Tabaldi Online Accounting Classroom and focuses on simplifying concepts and make the topic relatable and understandable. She believes that understanding is key to the learning process, and while cramming may get you through some ex

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Felicia Gaie
Booysen CA(SA)

Your mentor for FinAcc 1A (FAC1502), FinAcc 1B (FAC1601), FinAcc 3C (FAC3703), CTA FinAcc IFRS Lv1 (FAC4861), CTA FinAcc IFRS Lv2 (FAC4863)

Felicia Gaie Booysen is a South African Chartered Accountant and an experienced lecturer in financial accounting. She was a lecturer at the University of South Africa, teaching post-graduate financial accounting students. She is also an author of two acad

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Kemp CA(SA)

Your mentor for Audit 2A (AUE2601), Audit 2B (AUE2602 & AUE301), Audit 3A (AUE3701 & AUE303), Audit 3B (AUE3702),
CTA Audit Lv1 (AUE4861), CTA Audit Lv2 (AUE4862)

My passion, the reason I get out of bed in the morning, is the belief that I can make a difference to people’s lives by helping them to find their own best way through their own obstacles – academic and life – to be the best version of themselves that the

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Kholvadia CA(SA)

Your mentor for FinAcc 2B (FAC2602), FinAcc 3A (FAC3701), FinAcc 3B (FAC3702), FinAcc 3D (FAC3704),
CTA FinAcc Groups Lv1 (FAC4862), CTA FinAcc Groups Lv2 (FAC4864)

I find it incredibly rewarding when I see a student's eyes light up after understanding a concept which previously felt too complicated to ever grasp. My passion is in helping students understand what they are studying and broadening their perspectives th

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Govender CA(SA)

Your mentor for FinAcc 1A (FAC1501 & 1502), FinAcc 1B (FAC1601), FinAcc 2A (FAC2601), FinAcc 2B (FAC2602), FinAcc 3D (FAC3704)

My greatest passion in life is to arm individuals with the tools to strengthen their knowledge and guide them along the path to success. I am a recently qualified CA with memories of student life still fresh in my mind.

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Steyn CA(SA)

Your mentor for ManAcc 2A (MAC2601), ManAcc 3A (MAC3701), CTA ManAcc Lv1 (MAC4861), CTA ManAcc Lv2 (MAC4862)

Francois is a lecturer at Tabaldi Online Accounting Classroom and is passionate about management accounting, as well as assisting students on their journey to become Chartered Accountants.

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Jordaan CA(SA)

Your mentor for Tax 2A (TAX2601), CTA Tax Lv1(TAX4861), CTA Tax Lv2(TAX4862)

Keith Jordaan is a Chartered Accountant (CA(SA)) with both a BCom Computer Science degree (cum laude) as well as a MCom degree in taxation awarded by RAU/UJ. He is the founding author and former managing author of the highly regarded tax textbook

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Your mentor for FinMath 1 (DSC1630)

Tammy regards herself as a “non-mathematical mathematician”. Her schooling career was paved with struggles in maths, because the subject did not come naturally to her.

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KC Rottok
Chesaina CA(SA)

Your mentor for CTA FinAcc IFRS Lv1 (FAC4861), CTA Programme Lv2, CTA FinAcc IFRS Lv2(FAC4863)

KC joined Tabaldi as Operations Director in late 2017. He was previously a technical partner at RSM South Africa, and subsequently completed multiple independent IFRS and technical engagements for a global body of clients. At RSM he was responsible for ke

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