KC Rottok Chesaina CA(SA)

Your mentor for CTA FinAcc IFRS Lv1 (FAC4861), CTA Programme Lv2, CTA FinAcc IFRS Lv2(FAC4863)


KC joined Tabaldi as Operations Director in late 2017. He was previously a technical partner at RSM South Africa, and subsequently completed multiple independent IFRS and technical engagements for a global body of clients. At RSM he was responsible for keeping professional staff up to date with IFRS developments through training and was also the go to person within the firm for IFRS related issues such as technical reviews. His entrepreneurial exploits including running his own technical consultancy led him to be recognised as one of the top 35 under age 35 accountants by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants in 2015. Besides lecturing for Tabaldi, KC also presents Continuous Professional Development courses for a sister company IASeminars.