Tammy Sales

Your mentor for FinMath 1 (DSC1630)


Tammy is a mathematics teacher and lecturer. After completing her BEd degree in Mathematics and Psychology at the University of Johannesburg, she went on to do her Honours in Adult and Higher Education, with additional non-degree Honours courses in Set Theory and Abstract Algebra. Although her degrees focused primarily on education and pure mathematics, she landed a junior lecturing post at the University of Johannesburg teaching a subject called Mathematical Applications for Economics and Business. Financial mathematics and statistics soon became her passion, as she moved from tertiary to secondary education and taught high school advanced programme mathematics in these fields.

Tammy regards herself as a “non-mathematical mathematician”. Her schooling career was paved with struggles in maths, because the subject did not come naturally to her. She believes that her journey has equipped her to relate to students’ fears when it comes to working with numbers. She is passionate about sharing the tools that not only helped her to finally love and understand the world of maths, but which she has refined over the years of mentoring students with varying needs.