Yvonne Starkey (Venter) CA(SA)

Your mentor for FinAcc 1A (FAC1502), Audit 2A (AUE2601), Audit 2B (AUE2602), Audit 3A (AUE3701), Audit 3B (AUE3702),
CTA Audit Lv1 (AUE4861), CTA Audit Lv2 (AUE4862)


Yvonne has been lecturing for over ten years and is incredibly passionate about giving students what they need to get through their studies. She’s taught both Auditing and Financial Accounting face-to-face and online (at undergrad and CTA level), mainly for UNISA students.

Yvonne studied her undergrad and CTA at UNISA as a part-time student, so she really understands the challenges of unisa students and their needs in terms of support. She served articles after passing cta, and started lecturing part time that same year. She moved to full time auditing lecturing after qualifying as a Chartered Accountant.

In her classes, Yvonne focuses both on passing the subject at hand, but also students careers, qualifications and professional skills. Her blog reflects her commitment to giving students all the information (subject-related and otherwise) they may need in order to be successful. (www.yvonneventer.co.za)

As a co-founder of Tabaldi, and Chief Teaching Officer of Senya Education, She has focused on how to best teach students, and mentors other lecturers to ensure that all students get the maximum support and guidance in their study journeys.