What is Tabaldi's relationship with UNISA?

Tabaldi Online Accounting Classroom is not associated with UNISA nor are we a licensee of UNISA. Many of our lecturers completed their studies at UNISA, but they are not employed by UNISA. Tabaldi is therefore a completely separate entity from UNISA and should you make use of our services, you will not be purchasing tuition support from UNISA, but rather from Tabaldi Education. Tabaldi therefore provides independent tuition support.

Is Tabaldi accredited by UNISA?

No, we are not accredited by UNISA. Our course material covers all the information that you will need if you are studying at UNISA and our lecturers are all specialists in the material that they present, but Tabaldi Online Accounting classroom is in no way accredited or associated with UNISA.

What courses DO Tabaldi offer?

Our tuition support is extremely useful to students studying BCom and BCompt accounting and auditing courses at UNISA. We offer the following courses:

Tabaldi courses

Who will find this useful?

FinAcc  1A - Financial Accounting Concepts

Useful for students who are studying UNISA FAC1502 and FAC1501

FinAcc 1B -Financial Accounting Reporting

Useful for students who are studying UNISA FAC1601

FinAcc 2A - Financial Accounting for Companies

Useful for students who are studying UNISA FAC2601

FinAcc 3A - General Financial Reporting

Useful for students who are studying UNISA FAC3701

FinAcc 3B - Distinctive Financial Reporting

Useful for students who are studying UNISA FAC3702

Audit 2A - Auditing Theory and Practice

Useful for students who are studying UNISA AUE2601

Audit 2B - Corporate Governance in Accountancy

Useful for students who are studying UNISA AUE2602 and AUE301

Audit 3A - Audit Planning and Tests of Control

Useful for students who are studying UNISA AUE3701 and AUE303


We realise that studying part time can be difficult. It is for that reason that we provide study aids/ independent tuition support that will be useful for students are studying FAC1502, FAC1601, FAC2601, FAC3701, FAC3702, AUE2601 AUE2602 as well as AUE 3701 courses through UNISA. Our material is not meant to replace the official material that you receive from UNISA, nor can we/ will we provide any accreditation towards your UNISA degree. Our products enhance your studying experience, making it easier for you to pass the accounting and auditing exams that UNISA offers.

Yes we can. Our FinAcc 1A course, which deals with Financial Accounting Concepts, covers the same material that a UNISA student studying FAC1502 would need in order to pass their exams. Our course material is built to highest standards to ensure that you receive the best tuition support that we can offer in order to help you pass your exams.

Yes we can. Our FinAcc 1B course, which deals with Financial Accounting Reporting, helps students come to grips with the information that they will need in order to pass their exams. Students that are studying FAC1601 at UNISA will find this course very valuable. With detailed study notes and top quality videos our lecturers will make Financial Accounting Reporting come to life.

Yes we can. Our FinAcc 2A course is essential for those needing to understand Financial Accounting for Companies. Our carefully prepared video lectures will help you understand Financial Accounting for Companies and will make passing your exams so much easier. FinAcc 2A will be of great interest for students studying FAC2601 at UNISA, since the same material is covered in our course.

Yes we can. We all know that third year accounting can be tough. That is why our FinAcc 3A course is such an invaluable tool for students who are struggling with General Financial Reporting. Instead of struggling on your own, look to Tabaldi to clearly and concisely explain critical concepts that you will need to pass your exam. UNISA students who are studying FAC3701 will also find our FinAcc 3A course useful.

Yes we can. When it comes to Distinctive Financial Reporting, students who are currently studying FAC3702 at UNISA will find our FinAcc 3B course extremely helpful. With detailed study notes, easy-to-follow video lectures and hours of top quality content presented in a clear manner, Tabaldi Online Accounting Classroom will make the world of difference to your studies.

Yes we can. There is no need to battle to understand Auditing Theory and Practice. Our AUDIT 2A course provides detailed study notes, bite sized videos and outstanding tuition support for students. Even students studying AUE2601 at UNISA will find this course of tremendous value.

Yes we can. We are experts at teaching about Corporate Governance in Accountancy and can definitely help students studying AUE2602 at UNISA pass their exams. Our Audit 2B lecture videos are easy-to-follow, top quality and are presented by experts in their field