CTA 2018 is OVER!

Whether you died in the trenches this year; whether you made it to the final five battles or not; whether you fought them and brought them down or not - the war is over, and you can go home and tend to your wounds. Go see friends you haven't seen for ten months, smell roses, have a few drinks, taste real food, see the sun again. Ooh and sleep - you can do that too!

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Persistence Pays!

The journey to getting a degree is really hard. It is even harder to qualify as a chartered accountant. Whereas we all face the same examinations, the circumstances that surround our preparation for those examinations are entirely different.

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Should you study from past papers?

Many UNISA students seem to think that if they can just get their hands on enough past papers, with the corresponding solutions, they will pass their exams without any problems, but is that really the case?

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The Audit Process explained

For any level of Auditing studies, you need to be comfortable with the Audit Process. I’ve included an infographic to help you get used to it!

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FinAcc 1a (FAC1501) Study Plan

Here’s a simple study plan for FAC1502 from our online course. It will help guide your studies and focus. I’ve also indicated tougher sections, the ones with more formats, calculations etc. Take a look!

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2016 Price increase

It is that time of the year again where we need to review our price structure for the coming year. Read more

The Code of Professional Conduct explained

The Code of Professional Conduct requires auditors to act in a certain manner, for example, auditors are expected to act with integrity and be objective, but what does this mean. Read more

Do you know your asset definition?

Understanding what an asset is, is an essential part of accounting. Although many of us know that assets could be items like fixed property or cash, the definition for an... Read more

Fair Value measurement info graphic

Determining what the fair value is of an asset or a liability can be tricky for students. In this infographic we explain the process: Read more

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