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We offer high quality, easy to follow online lecture videos and resources that make it easier for UNISA BCom/BCompt students to pass their Financial Accounting exams.



Do you think of Financial Statement formats, complex calculations, formulae and lots of numbers when you hear Financial Accounting? Most people do…
but is that all there is to it?

Think of it this way...

  • Financial information (transactions, accounts… the stuff that happens every day etc) is recorded and reported for management to make decisions and run the business on a daily basis.
  • To report to outside stakeholders, the information needs to be presented according to a specific set of rules / standards… (for the sake of your studies, these standards will be IFRS)
  • IFRS requires accounts and transactions to be calculated and presented in a certain way, and in some cases, the management’s information may be adjusted, or presented differently from what they use for their daily purposes

Far from just being numbers and formats, IFRS is like a language. Translating the information from what management uses, to what outside stakeholders require.

So, the good news is that IFRS doesn’t require super-intelligence, but rather understanding, practice and a consistent approach.


I break down each topic in the videos, to explain why the Standard exists, how it works, and what to do with it! You need to understand them so you can apply them to any question. (Remember that at this level there are more discussion questions, so don’t just rely on your ability to calculate and
present the content!)



We’ll show you how to tag, highlight and use those open books to your advantage. This is a great skill, you need to know where those marks are... we’re going to show you how to get them!



We also walk you through how to do exam-type questions and past papers. Our videos will help you with your communication skills, planning of answers, to ensure you’re totally prepared
for your exams.

and exam technique

We realise that students struggle with some topics from their undergraduate studies (like Deferred Tax!), so we’ve added revision content as well. The beauty is that you get to control what you revise, and what you don’t. You can go back where you need, or stick to the CTA content if that’s all you need.



Our lecturers are available on our discussion forums to answer your queries,
motivate you…
and yes… check up on you!

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