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CTA Level 1 Tax (TAX4861) exam

Keith covers the full syllabus for CTA Level 1 Tax (TAX4861) with video lectures, explaining everything you need for your CTA syllabus. and how to tag and highlight your open books, and how to tag and highlight your open books. Our videos walk you through a past test, showing you how to read, plan and answer your questions. We’ve also added revision videos, in case you need a refresher on some topics from undergrad. (These are there when you need them, so you’re in control of your time and what you do with it!). Keith will be available on the discussion forum to answer your queries, motivate you, and check up on you through your CTA year. 

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Why should you study this with us

I’ve implemented the following in the design and videos of the CTA Tax courses for you:


Understanding rather than memorising theory… I explain WHY the specific section/s appear in the Tax Acts. This will save you a lot of time going forward… and I know that every second is worth gold in your CTA year! (Remember that you’ll have all the ‘theory’ in your open books anyway… so your application is going to be examined… not your memory!)


Right from the start, I guide you through how to prepare YOUR COPY of the Tax Act that YOU ARE ALLOWED TO TAKE INTO THE EXAMS! (and into the final ITC exam!). I call this your personal “Weapon Of Mass Mark Accumulation” (WOMMA) – need I say more?


I realise that students struggle with some topics from their undergraduate studies, so I’ve added revision content as well. The beauty is that you get to control what you revise, and what you don’t. You can go back where you need, or stick to the CTA content if that’s all you need.

Questions and exam technique

Once we are all comfortable with the relevant sections of the Act (as explained in each video), I move into the application of this knowledge – generally by using a basic example and/or examples that appear in the study guides.

Discussion forums

I’m available all year on our discussion forums to answer your queries, motivate you… and yes… to TAX YOU! (excuse the pun!) by checking up on your progress - and lend a helping hand when needed!

I want you to have a great foundation for your future studies, and help you develop a life-long knowledge of working with Tax. Remember, the Tax Act is updated all the time… so your CTA knowledge won’t last you forever! You’ll need to learn how to make sense of the changes as they happen in the future.


icon money Save money

Our online accounting classrooms are considerably cheaper than their traditional brick and mortar counterparts and with our range of comprehensive video lectures we lead the online market in terms of value and price.

icon video Quality video lectures

Our comprehensive range of videos offer hours of top quality lectures, broken into bite-sized sections to make it easy for you to study as efficiently as possible. What's more, all of the videos work on PC's, Laptops, Tablets and Smart Phones.

icon time Save time

No need to spend hours of your life driving to go and see a lecturer in person. Our videos work on multiple devices such as PC's, Laptop, Tablets as well as Smart Phones.  We also offer printable lecture summaries and a range of offline solutions (additional cost).

icon video We offer great resources

We also offer detailed printable study notes, access to online accounting discussion groups where you will have access to Tabaldi’s lecturers for support as well as past exam papers.

icon convenient Convenient

Study when you want, where you want, for as long as you want. Our system allows you to create, customise and manage your own personalised study plan. You also have unlimited access (24 hours a day) to the course material and lecture videos for the duration of the semester you are enrolled in. 

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Tabaldi is not part of UNISA, but we have extensive experience in lecturing UNISA accounting subjects.

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Our lecturers are experts in their field and are also qualified Chartered Accountants. They have extensive experience in tuition support for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Once enrolled you will have access to them via forums and email.

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How can you be assured that our lecturers are as good as we say? Register for our range of free lecture videos and see for yourself. No obligation, guaranteed!



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You get fantastic value

We have included an enormous amount of value in the free version. You get access to our online learning platform, downloadable and printable study notes and quality lecture videos. You will also be able to see how the personalised study planner works...ALL THIS...FOR FREE!

What are you waiting for?

  • It is risk and obligation free
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More Questions?

Keith Jordaan CA(SA)

Keith Jordaan is a Chartered Accountant (CA(SA)) with both a BCom Computer Science degree (cum laude) as well as a MCom degree in taxation awarded by RAU/UJ. He is the founding author and former managing author of the highly regarded tax textbook “Silke - Notes on South African Income Tax” – a reference source used by students on a national basis and extensively quoted from by judges in tax court cases.