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We offer high quality, easy to follow online lecture videos and resources that make it easier for UNISA BCom/BCompt students to pass their Financial Accounting exams.


Support for Unisa Undergrad BCom(pt)

We’ve built our online courses specifically for you as a UNISA student. Our videos, notes and questions are designed to take you through your full syllabus and give you the exam technique you need to get through your exams.

Our team at Tabaldi understands the challenges UNISA students face… the biggest of which is TIME! With all the studies you take on, having someone explain the work, and help you through the semester increases your understanding of the knowledge, and can save you a lot of time. Having this at your fingertips online, (whenever and wherever you need it!) means you’re able to study at your own pace, and in your own space.

We have an amazing lecturing team (Check them out here), who have extensive lecturing experience, and indepth knowledge of your subjects, and an incredible passion for helping students. They’re available on the discussion forums for each module, and you’ll love their enthusiasm and energy. They’ll motivate you, answer your questions and yes, they’ll check up on you too!

Note: If you’re studying your BCompt, with the view to doing CTA, you’ll really benefit from the foundational knowledge and understanding we’ll give you. You can save a lot of time in CTA if your undergrad knowledge is sound, and we’ve designed all of your courses with your CTA outcomes in mind.



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